Enjoy a Stage Show at a Local Annapolis Theatre

January 11, 2013

If you’ve ever had to “take the stage” you know how empowering it can be to do such a task (if you will). I share these sentiments with you if you agree, and there’s nothing like seeing someone do just that in an amazing display of talent and ability. And that’s why you should do yourself a favor and check out some local stage shows!

The below venues are showing exceptional plays that you should definitely check out if you have the chance:

Be sure to check Groupon, Living Social and even Scoutmob for discounted deals for these theatres and their shows. Because it’s fun to save money. By attending a show in the current or future seasons, you’ll not only be supporting the local economy, but helping the  organizations (many of which are non-profits) continue to bring delightful shows to the community.

Be sure to come back and let us know how the show of your choice was in the comments!




photo courtesy of flickr

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