Military Spouses–Want to Make Extra Money from Home?

May 13, 2013


Becoming a Child Development Home (CDH) provider is a great opportunity to work from home with your child/children and earn an extra income. You will receive the necessary training to work with children in your home, and also be provided with necessary materials (toys, books, cots, etc.).

You can also choose to participate in the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program through Maryland State Department of Education, and be reimbursed for money spent on providing meals for the children in your care.  As a CDH provider you will also have the support system from the CDC and their training and curriculum specialists.

When the time comes for you to PCS, your certificate is transferable to your next duty station, so you will be able to continue providing care when you are ready. Annapolis currently has a long waiting list and will be able to place children in your home, immediately after background checks are completed

The weekly subsidy for being a CDH provider is as follows:



NAFCC Accredited

4 Weeks-23 Months



24 Months-5 Years



SAC: Before School



SAC: After School



SAC: Before/After



SAC: Weekly Camps



Providers who choose to be an infant/pre-toddler (4 weeks-23 months) only home will receive an extra $100 per week, provided that they have the maximum children allowed enrollment (3 children).  You may also decide to provide extended care (1800-0600) and could earn more money for helping to meet the needs of military personnel that work outside of regular working hours.

When making the decision to become a provider, we recommend that you plan ahead, as your background check will take a few months to be completed.  Apply now for a September start date!

Remember that any unauthorized care (10 hours/week or more) can result in revocation of government housing privileges.  OPNAV 1700.9e 6-2

Please contact Katy Bolbecker CYP Asst. Director and CDH Monitor for more information at (410) 293-9395 or




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