Back to School Tip: Help Your Children Improve Their Study Habits Both Away and at Home at Annapolis

September 15, 2014

Providing a good study environment for your child is important, but what does a good study environment really mean? Here are three few foolproof study tips to help your little one make the grade:

  1. Many parents want their children to do their homework right off the bus, but like anyone, kids need to relax too! Let your child shoot hoops or play with friends for a little before beginning homework. This gives your kid a chance to decompress and refocus her energy.
  2. Some might think that a quiet study space is best, but what really matters is an environment in which your child feels comfortable and focused. Sitting in the living room or listening to headphones while you work can be successful work strategies as much as any other strategy. Let your child pick what works best for her.
  3. Nobody likes to work for hours on end, children included. Set a timer and let your little learner take a break whenever the timer goes off. This will help her stay focused on her studies in the long run.

Here are a few links with additional useful advice for helping your kids improve their study habits at Annapolis:

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