Heads Up, Annapolis Residents! Lincoln Military Housing’s Annual Resident Satisfaction Survey Will Be Coming Your Way in Early October!

September 28, 2015

Your opinion matters, Annapolis residents! The Annual Resident Satisfaction Survey is coming your way in October, and your feedback is important. This annual survey measures how well Lincoln Military Housing is meeting your needs and expectations as our valued resident. Your survey responses will assist our planning to provide you and your family with the quality homes, communities, and services you have come to expect.

Surveys will be sent electronically in early October to the email address you provided Lincoln. If the email address is the .mil, you can forward the survey to your personal email. This will allow both the service member and spouse the opportunity to complete the survey together. Survey responses are anonymous, and the results are tabulated by the independent company CEL & Associates. They will separate the comments to share with Lincoln Military Housing.

Please note that surveys will include a Comment Section, in which, unlike your survey, anonymity is optional. The comments may be used to note any housing or maintenance questions or concerns that you would like personally addressed or to offer specific recommendations.

So tell us what you think, we look forward to hearing from you!

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