Sing Along to Historic Sea Chanteys and Seasonal Tunes Near Annapolis at the Sea Chanters Holiday Concert

November 27, 2015

If you're a music lover looking for a unique way to experience the sounds of the holiday season near Annapolis, consider attending the Sea Chanters Holiday Concert. This unique affair is hosted by the Chesapeake Arts Center and features holiday music from the Sea Chanters, the official chorus of the U.S. Navy. This year's concert will be held Friday, December 4, at 8 p.m., making it the perfect night out for the family or even an extra-special date idea.

At their Holiday Concert, the Sea Chanters sing a wide range of songs that include historic sea chanteys, traditional choral music, holiday carols, and even operatic and Broadway hits. The show is held at the lovely Hammonds Lane Theater, which is often decorated in holiday decor just for the occasion, and its comfortable seats usually fill to the brim with cheerful area residents. Because admission is free, it's also a very budget-friendly way to celebrate the season.

Support the troops while getting in the holiday spirit at this popular Annapolis event!

Sea Chanters Holiday Concert 2015
8 p.m. Friday December 4
Hammonds Lane Theater
194 Hammonds Lane
Brooklyn Park, MD 21225

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