Benefits of Living in Military Housing

March 19, 2018

Military housing is just one of the benefits of being in the military, but did you know that there are even more benefits than just the housing itself? When you live in Lincoln Military Housing, you'll be able to take advantage of perks, amenities and other helpful services that traditional housing doesn't offer. Here are just a few benefits of living in military housing.

  • BAH. The most obvious perk of military housing is that your rent is paid for by a Basic Allowance for Housing, which covers most (if not all) of your rent.
  • Included average utilities. Lincoln Military Housing includes the average of your electricity, gas, water and other utilities in your rent. If you use more electricity than allotted, it may be incurred through the DoD’s RECP program.
  • Personal Property Contents Coverage. When you live in military housing, you'll receive personal property coverage (in Lincoln Military Housing, this includes $10,000 worth of coverage).
  • No credit checks or deposits. Many people can afford an apartment or rental home, but can't afford the security deposit — or may just no have good enough credit to secure the lease. With military housing, these factors aren't required.
  • Community events and amenities. While it can be difficult to make friends or get to know your neighbors in traditional housing situations, at Lincoln Military Housing, you can enjoy community events, recreation centers gyms and pools with all of your neighbors.
  • Convenience. When you live in military housing, you'll live just minutes from base.

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