Clever and Creative Uses for Pumpkin (Beyond Jack-O’-Lanterns)

October 20, 2021

Once October rolls around, it seems like pumpkins take over everything around us, from our decor to our doorsteps and even our recipes. And while we welcome pumpkin’s position as fall’s favorite gourd, there’s something to be said for projects and ideas that utilize pumpkins in new, non-traditional ways. Read on for three clever and creative ways to use pumpkins this fall—beyond jack-o’-lanterns, pies, and the ubiquitous pumpkin spices latte!

Rethink your pumpkin puree. Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer savory recipes, there are countless ways to use up a can of pumpkin puree (which, by the way, is very nutritious!). For instance, you could whip up some pumpkin soup, or combine pumpkin puree with Greek yogurt, banana, and a few spices to make a pumpkin smoothie. Pumpkin puree also makes a great baby food

Turn a pumpkin into a planter. Hollow out a large carving pumpkin, fill it with some potting mix, and you’ll have a beautiful and festive outdoor planter for your fall mums! Indoors, you could follow the same process with smaller gourds and use them to create gorgeous centerpieces for your Thanksgiving table setting. You can even use hollowed-out pumpkins as servingware! When you’re done, roast the pumpkin seeds for a delicious autumn snack.

Feed the birds. Don’t throw away your pumpkins at the end of the harvest season. Instead, use them to make pumpkin bird feeders! Simply cut your pumpkin in half, scoop out the seeds, and use two skewers to create perches for birds. Tie some twine around the halved pumpkin, fill it with bird seed, then hang it from a tree or hook!

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